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In the aid of The Phantasm; Ellen Degeneres
admin 2 months ago 15 min learn
There’s a life rule I attempt to abide by; feed what you favor to develop, starve what you favor to die.
It’s a straightforward, successfully-recognized, restful truth that whatever you build your handle grows, and whatever you neglect withers and dies. As soon as this major, you develop into very picky about what you handle. You develop into intentional about what you give your time and vitality to, and equally as intentional about what you starve.
That’s why, closing week, when the govt. producer of The Ellen Degeneres Computer screen, Andy Lassner, and CNN’s Jake Tapper old their collective reach to exhaust 30 seconds of an hour and a 1/2 interview I did out of context in mutter to smear me and grossly deceive as many of us as doubtless, my instinct modified into, needless to claim, not to acknowledge.
andy lassner

· Aug 2, 2019
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Stunning Trot Perceive

Ellen DeGeneres is a CIA operative. Obtain up, folks!
Embedded video
Jake Tapper

Isn’t that precisely what you must well perhaps tweet if she *were* a Deep Deliver asset, Andrew?
Three:47 PM – Aug 2, 2019
Twitter Commercials files and privacy
289 folks are speaking about this
My instinct modified into to starve it. I don’t are attempting to originate a battle with Jake Tapper or Andy Lassner, trigger frankly, I don’t care about folks admire them; entitled elites, clinging to the bones of a loss of life world.
They must realize what number of of us arrangement them, for correct motive, as nothing bigger than establishment drones, about a lackey Agent Smiths.
To anybody who’s been being attentive AT ALL over the closing couple of years one ingredient is terribly plug; guys admire Andy Lassner and Jake Wikileaks Tapper ought to not the long speed.
The long term belongs to folks who refuse to promote their soul, folks who refuse to feed the behold, these thinking well-liked thoughts, asking questions, researching, speaking the truth, and encouraging others to contain the the same. Those that aren’t merely foreground shills for one thing else.
After I query at them I search for ignorant wizards, who never shuffle away the metropolis of Oz, working furiously at the aid of a curtain that’s already been pulled aid. Nothing is sillier or more pathetic.
The Twittersphere they bound in is replete with Harvey Weinstein enablers, pedophile island mates, and folks anxiously trying forward to Kim Kardashians subsequent contour kit. On the whole, folks who are asleep, and the soulless monsters who exploit them – not precisely the saviors of the human toddle.
However, as mighty as I abominate to feed this beast, it’s a correct alternative to educate not accurate the smug, ignorant likes of Lassner and Tapper, nonetheless any misplaced sound asleep souls who in actuality unexcited hear to them. Did they reach after me because I’m over the aim? Are they attempting to mark a humorous story out of this since it’s appropriate? You grab.
I most steadily neglect that there are these that unexcited don’t know how Wikileaks revealed that Jake Tapper is a puppet of the energy establishment. That is the the same energy establishment that began all our wars, rigged the election against Bernie Sanders, and unexcited by some means managed to lose the technology to shuffle to the moon. I could well even simply not safe as mighty money as you, Tapper, nonetheless as a minimum I don’t raise water for these dickheads.
“Tapper and DNC group discussed in emails:
“If we’re attempting to offer Jake Tapper inquiries to inquire us”
After Tapper’s producer Jason Seher asked what DNC Hispanic Media Director Pablo Manriquez well-known to discuss about on the direct their own praises.
The rhetoric among DNC group makes it seem as even though it modified into a long-established direction of to write their very be pleased questions for CNN interviews.
Computer screen screen-Shot-2019-08-05-at-12.02.forty two-PM.png
In yet every other electronic mail between Jason Seher and Miranda of the DNC, Seher wrote:
“Thanks for facilitating Luis coming on at the moment time, and endure with us via the meelee of GOP nonsense and cancellations and all that. Any explicit aspects he’ll are attempting to mark? We’re gonna discontinuance Dem focused.”
Computer screen screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 12.Forty 9.Forty six PM
Hmmm, that doesn’t seem very comely and balanced, and it doesn’t remotely resemble journalism. Jake, for his part, didn’t have confidence he did anything deplorable when the justifiable outrage ensued following the leaks.
In his defense, it’s been some time since we’ve had trusty journalism in The united states. Perchance he doesn’t even know what his job is speculated to be. Journalists aren’t speculated to collude with politicians. They aren’t speculated to salvage questions from the folk they’re interviewing – that’s known as PR sweetie.
It’s a topic of public file that since the early 50’s the media as we’ve recognized it has been a farce. Here are 50 facts every American can safe to perceive about that. Predominant connection to esteem is that between the media and the C.I.A. (Jake, this subsequent part’s for you).
The C.I.A and The Media
Historic previous lesson: After leaving the Washington Put up, Carl Bernstein spent six months having a query at the connection between the CIA and the media. In his scathing 25,000-note conceal story, revealed in 1977 in Rolling Stone, “The CIA and the Media,” Bernstein wrote that by 1953, CIA Director Allen Dulles already oversaw the gargantuan majority of the American media community.
By all tutorial and investigative accounts that hideous relationship has gotten stronger every decade since, because the road between what’s leisure and what’s media has develop into more blurred. Enter Ellen Degeneres, and, needless to claim, our correct buddy her long-time Govt Producer, Andy Lassner.
Emails Repeat Ellen as Willing Deliver Department Puppet
I abominate to safe to examine all this in one straightforward, straightforward-to-learn blog, and truthfully had no plans on specializing in Ellen specifically. So, Ellen, you safe got got pompous Twitter bully Andy Lassner to thank for the following mutter’.
Computer screen screen Shot 2019-08-06 at Eight.10.19 AM
A leaked 2009 memo in an electronic mail swap with then Secretary of Deliver Hillary Clinton singled out The Ellen Degeneres Computer screen which will more than seemingly be old to “expand and speak messages that arrive policymaking.”
The memo said that Ellen DeGeneres is spellbinding to make spend of her platform to promote the agenda of the Deliver Department.
Computer screen screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 6.eleven.05 PM
The electronic mail modified into part of a batch of Deliver emails released basically basically based on a Judicial Perceive lawsuit.
The Deliver Department memo highlighted the significance of ‘using reveals admire Ellen’ to ‘push authorities agendas’ as against more political files shops, writing:
“These shops can make well-known toughen for official protection or pending laws among key domestic constituency groups nonetheless also make momentum for protection in yet every other country. As the media atmosphere continues to develop into an increasing form of globally interconnected, this could well be serious for the leadership of the Deliver Department to leverage these media opportunities to expand and speak messages that arrive policymaking.”
In yet every other leaked official Deliver Department swap, a high authorities aide and the Secretary of Deliver discuss about Ellen Degeneres’ quote, “willingness to contain whatever we inquire.”
So, to recap, Ellen Degeneres is spellbinding to covertly push official authorities foreign protection under the guise of a silly, non-threatening morning discuss direct their own praises. If that’s not the definition of a authorities asset I’m not obvious what’s?
It will more than seemingly be notorious, the most frequent, official CIA conceal, is supplied by the Deliver Department. Their relationship is a tangled one, to claim the least.
Computer screen screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 12.19.09 PM
In an excerpt from the 1988 iciness model of Foreign Affairs, they admit:
“Over the years, public views of the Central Intelligence Agency and its role in American foreign protection were fashioned basically by movies, television, novels, newspapers, books by journalists, headlines rising out of congressional inquiries, exposés by traditional intelligence officers, and essays by consultants.”
The model goes on to discuss about how the CIA is supposed to be an “invisible authorities,” and the intention in which monumental questions exist about the upright relationship between the intelligence provider and policymakers (corresponding to in the Deliver Department). It raises questions of whether or not the CIA slants or “cooks” its intelligence evaluation to toughen covert actions or protection, and of the extent to which policymakers or their staffs selectively spend—and abuse—intelligence to lead superiors, Congress or the overall public.
To reiterate what we realized above, Ellen Degeneres is spellbinding to covertly push official authorities foreign protection under the guise of a silly, non-threatening morning discuss direct their own praises.
Also, interestingly, Sony is the firm that distributes The Ellen Degeneres Computer screen.
Must you were getting your files from Jake Tapper in the fallout for the length of the Sony hacks you doubtlessly don’t safe any thought the fantastic bombshells that were revealed, notably among them is the tight link between Sony and, you guessed it, the authorities. Specifically the CIA/Deliver Department.
“The work publicly recognized from Sony is to originate leisure; on the other hand, The Sony Archives direct their own praises that at the aid of the scenes that is an influential company, with ties to the White Home (there are nearly 100 US authorities electronic mail addresses in the archive), with a skill to impress laws and insurance policies, and with connections to the US militia-industrial advanced.” – Julian Assange
I strongly speed everybody to learn Julian Assange’s press liberate referring to the Sony Hack and search (at the flagged emails therein). Rush search for and learn it inquisitive about your self. Below are about a examples.
Here now we safe the Undersecretary of the Deliver Department asking the CEO of Sony who he can search for [in the entertainment world] while he’s in Contemporary York, referring to anti-Russian messaging, and also anti-ISIL messaging.
And right here now we safe the Deliver Department Undersecretary discussing as soon as more with CEO Michael Lynton what Hollywood writers and actors the authorities could well even tap to covertly push their agenda. Amongst the names that rolled with out complications off collective Sony’s tongue were George Clooney, Kerry Washington, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Aaron Sorkin (creator of CIA propaganda motion photos corresponding to The Social Community), Shonda Rhimes, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon among others.
Is it starting to mark sense why when Trump Jr. made an offhand commentary about “Ellen being deep insist” the collective power of the machine got right here down on him?
Must you’ve been following me for some time you perceive one in all the main issues I relate out about is the Pentagon/D.O.D./C.I.A. infiltration of Hollywood.
Must you’ve been finding out and being attentive to the full documents released via leaks or FOIA over the closing 5 years, you consider that the CIA actively promotes a intellectual public image of its historical previous and performance by advising the production of Hollywood autos, corresponding to Argo and Zero Murky Thirty to name accurate 2 of 1000’s of examples. You realize that the Agency retains “leisure substitute liaison officers” on its group that “plant plug photos about itself (in other phrases, propaganda) via our most neatly-most well liked kinds of leisure,” Tom Hayden explains in the LA Review of Books. “So natural has the CIA–leisure connection develop into that few ask its authorized or appropriate ramifications.
Here you must well even learn the CIA’s be pleased CIA-OIG-Entertainment Commerce Document, which states the a great deal of doubtful authorized and ethical complications with this relationship and goes into ingredient about the dearth of appropriateness with which it’s dealt with.
That is a authorities agency admire no other; the truth of its operations will not be field to public examination. When the CIA’s hidden persuaders affect a Hollywood movie, it’s using a conventional medium to poke as accurate a describe of itself as doubtless, or as a minimum, prevent an tainted one from taking preserve.” Tom Hayden, “Review of The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television by Tricia Jenkins.”
In a short search of FOIA documents referring to the Pentagon/D.O.D./C.I.A involvement with Hollywood, the Ellen Degeneres Computer screen comes up with unprecedented frequency.
Here’s accurate one instance:
Didn’t that retaining American’s consenting to battle and emotionally manipulated enough to never ask why it’s we’re combating in the major space modified into all in a days work for The united states’s silliest chat host?
Here and right here and listed below are more official documents released via FOIA requests that ingredient Ellen’s spend of The Ellen Degeneres direct their own praises to promote the authorities’s agenda (cough cough, asset).
Alright then, spellbinding on. Depart. There’s more, LOTS more!
Remember that point British intelligence companies, in affiliation with the Pentagon and C.I.A., inserted Ellen’s cupcake recipes staunch into a jihad journal? Haha lol isn’t that hilarious and fully random!
Depart, this in actuality took space. No, I’m not kidding.
There is a terminate, successfully-documented historical previous of cooperation (learn covert oneness) between MI6, GCHQ and CIA. The shadowy interior workings of that gargantuan world spook community are on paunchy show on this odd epic about how, in 2011, intelligence operatives replaced bomb-making instruction in an al-Qaeda online journal with a cupcake recipe from, of the full areas in the full net, Ellen Degeneres’ net page.
There’s a pesky, persistent rumor that Ellen Degeneres will not be a actually fantastic person in trusty life. I do know, I do know, it’s very unlikely to fathom trigger she’s so sweet on TV. However, dispute what you will want about her, she modified into the major big name to welcome the CIA to Twitter when the agency joined (formally) in 2014. It’s a successfully recognized indisputable truth that Ellen is one in all the greatest and most influential accounts on the net page. And a successfully documented truth that the CIA has a PR distress, to claim the least. However I’m obvious this wasn’t orchestrated or anything (coronary heart emoji).
The C.I.A. are so wintry, and harmless, and hip, they’re palling spherical with Ellen on Twitter! It’ll also nearly mark an American neglect all about issues admire Iran-Contra, Gary Webb, Operation Condor, Operation Gladio, Montauk, and the untold want of other human atrocities dedicated by them with our money and in our name under their demonic hide of darkness.
The CIA has long been fond of this invent of thoughts preserve watch over. NLP makes spend of phrases to induce a hypnotic insist and mark folks more suggestible.
They’ve been finding out it, using and teaching it to their brokers for decades.
Computer screen screen-Shot-2019-08-05-at-9.Fifty six.31-PM.png
You’ve doubtlessly never heard of it because you’re not attempting to manipulate folks’s minds, admire dispute the CIA. Nor are you attempting to aid in controlling folks’s minds, admire dispute a discuss direct their own praises host with Seventy four million Twitter followers. Speaking of Ellen, you perceive who else is a self-professed NLP devotee?
Why, it’s Ellen needless to claim!
If there is an American who isn’t attentive to the gruesome link between Amazon and the C.I.A., if that is one of the best ingredient you exhaust away from this article, pricey God I’m chuffed you’re right here.
Motivate in 2014 Amazon signed a $600 million contract with, you guessed it, the C.I.A. “Amazon now has the technique, motive and alternative to offer mountainous amounts of buyer files to its restful business accomplice, we query forward to a successful relationship with the C.I.A.”
Interestingly the CIA agrees. The agency gave Amazon the contract for $600 million even though it wasn’t the bottom recount.
Amazon’s trajectory into the CIA’s spooky fingers will more than seemingly be a little bit bigger than accurate company eagerness to land a profitable contract. In unhurried 2010 — amid intense public passion in documents that WikiLeaks modified into posting to illuminate U.S. actions in yet every other country — Amazon took a critical step. As the Guardian reported at the time, Amazon “pulled the budge on net net hosting the whistleblowing net page in reaction to heavy political tension.”
It didn’t exhaust mighty for Amazon to cave. “The firm launched it modified into cutting WikiLeaks off … simplest 24 hours after being contacted by the group of Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate’s committee on fatherland security,” the Guardian notorious.
In arrangement of Amazon’s eagerness to dump the WikiLeaks net page at the behest of U.S. authorities officials, what else could well even the Amazon hierarchy be spellbinding to contain? Amazon maintains a humongous trove of detailed files a pair of whole bunch of millions of oldsters. Are we to have confidence that the CIA and other intelligence companies don’t safe any passion in Amazon’s files?
So, where does Ellen fit into all this?
Well, wouldn’t it, at any time when Amazon comes out with a restful 4th amendment crushing C.I.A. wiretap machine, I imply Alexa product, The united states’s favorite comic host seems to contain a silly and constantly in the kill reassuring budge for the machine.
Gosh, it’s nearly admire Ellen works for Amazon…er the CIA…or whatever….
However significantly, aren’t all these bits accurate dazzling?!!! They in actuality contain loads to examine one’s guard down about having a listening machine in every room of your rental that connects to a CIA cloud! I’m in a position to nearly hear it, “Passable work Ellen! The Agency thanks you!”
Create you perceive Ellen owns slot machines in a Vegas resort! Which resort you inquire?
Computer screen screen Shot 2019-08-05 at Eight.fifty two.18 PM
The Mandalay Bay needless to claim!
Now let’s not neglect the Vegas taking pictures (although the police and FBI completely safe and would admire us to). Remember how one of the best stare to safe interacted with the alleged shooter, C.I.A. linked Stephen Paddock, accurate did that one interview, on Ellen?
Computer screen screen-Shot-2019-08-05-at-Eight.fifty three.Forty one-PM-2395108194-1565053059114.png
Well the Day after day Mail later confirmed the parent firm of Mandalay Bay, MGM Inc., managed the one-and-simplest media look in what modified into a successfully scripted presentation.
(Via Day after day Mail) Mandalay Bay taking pictures hero Jesus Campos modified into pressured into giving his simplest interview to Ellen DeGeneres
‘MGM modified into at the aid of the decision to name off the full interviews and did a deal with Ellen, vivid she would not play hardball on the timeline as long as she had the outlandish,’ a TV insider knowledgeable
It modified into also reported that Ellen producer (I’m having a query at you Lassner) modified into mum on how they landed the Campos interview. Yeah, I wager he modified into.
Via The Las Vegas Review Journal:
“On Oct. 2, DeGeneres modified into among the many main celebrities to tweet a link to the victims’ fund role up by Clark County Rate Chairman Steve Sisolak, asking her Seventy four million followers to donate. Wednesday’s direct their own praises also incorporated a budge for ways to relief the taking pictures victims.
“We needless to claim well-known to provide you with with money,” DeGeneres knowledgeable Campos and Schuck at the end of their look. “And likewise you each were very, very explicit. You said you don’t desire money, you don’t desire money in any appreciate. So that you just’re not getting any money.”
As a substitute, she knowledgeable Schuck that the NFL would skim him to to query his favorite group, the Indianapolis Colts, and provide him with VIP tickets.
For his participation, Campos modified into given season tickets for the Raiders’ first year in Las Vegas by Shutterfly, “The Ellen DeGeneres Computer screen’s” philanthropic accomplice, which also donated $25,000 in Campos’ name to the fund began by Sisolak.”
Here’s a homework project, who owns MGM Motels World? What are their connections and affiliations to the CIA? Who be pleased the Ellen Degeneres direct their own praises? What are the connections right here? What are the implications? It’s all originate offer.
Make of all this files what you are going to. I’m not right here to utter you what to have confidence of any of it. I’m simply right here to pool all this originate offer files into one space so you must well even mark an knowledgeable decision whether or not you favor to examine Ellen’s direct their own praises.
Which rings a bell in my memory, by assignment of Andy Lassner’s Wikipedia page:
Computer screen screen Shot 2019-08-03 at eleven.04.35 AM
So, in Bogota Columbia, at the peak of the CIA’s involvement in that country, a foreign language knowledgeable and a US militia personnel, employed by Seagrams (cough cough Bronfman, cough cough Wexner, cough cough Epstein, cough cough intelligence asset), gave starting up to our pal Andy Lassner.
It’s all correct. It’ll be nothing. I’m obvious it’s doubtlessly nothing.
If truth be told, Andy seemingly doesn’t even realize how suspicious his be pleased starting up appears to be like to these of us who in actuality learn issues other than the Huffington Put up.
At any charge, I’ve taken the freedom of filing a FOIA build a query to with the CIA Entertainment Liaisons Reputation of labor for all files having to contain with Ellen Degeneres and The Ellen Degeneres Computer screen. This form of build a query to, to my files, has never been filed earlier than. So, discontinuance tuned! This shit’s getting provocative!
Given the full above, I negate it’s obliging to admit Ellen will not be precisely what we’ve been lead to have confidence.
However howdy, don’t exhaust my note for it. Watch what the Hollywood Reporter said on the topic:
“When Ellen got right here out on April 30, 1997, an interior laptop bulletin board arrangement at the CIA lit up…” (did they dispute an ‘interior laptop bulletin board arrangement at the CIA,’ that’s fucking outlandish) “who knew the nation’s spies were paying such attention to a sitcom big name?” (right here’s where I elevate my hand) “However they were – national icons are national resources, after all.”
If truth be told starts to mark you shock about all of them, doesn’t it?
Esteem and Truth,
Must you esteem my work please have confidence about turning staunch into a Patron, I’m 100% reader funded.
Take a look at out by books or snag your self a “Hollywood is cancelled” T-shirt!
For the full latest, note me on Twitter @Tiff_FitzHenry
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