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No.150825589Schizophrenic Takes Schizophrenia Test>>XXX
we’re doing.”I ALWAYS “keep about 10% in the bag.” –
ended up where we are..>>Anonymous (ID:
11/25/17(Sat)02:45:21 No.150825712How Schizophrenia Is Diagnosed>>Anonymous
& Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology>>Anonymous
the ‘r’ word. Also remember to listen to your favorite song:*hugs*-your
No.150826069 Anonymous (ID: LhTNYC8c) 11/25/17(Sat)02:50:54 No.150826069>>150825777
Tale of the Podesta Bunny men”>>>Anonymous
civic nationalism>>Mello !!GvpwE1MzN+L
No.150826656File: Q post nov 23.1.png (10 KB, 814×206)10 KB PNG94-2: first
(ID: LhTNYC8c) 11/25/17(Sat)03:02:13 No.150826820>>150825803>XXX
for having memes with the purpose of subverting imageboards.>
55KtGs2l) 11/25/17(Sat)03:04:44 No.150827021>>150824765
of Brother Nathanael.>>Anonymous
it up well: knows everything because
of Q (with tripcode):
RD >>149527481 SUMMARY >>149540679Q-Text: > >>!!!SPREADSHEET:Open
by SS Anon >>150468992>
THE KEY >>150703548 >>150705061>!!WIKI
(Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)>!BOOK OF Q (PDF)
22 >>150467695 >>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON
23 >>150634403 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14 >>149441897Nov
“We are doing something special. People are feeling it”
>>150504838>>W&W !!2HB9iHje93w (ID: ArqmiXcq) 11/24/17(Fri)12:45:54
DIGGING>Nov 24More (Y) >>150674180Thiel sell FB stock
info: of Weiner laptop case>>W&W >>150414073China/Russia Owl FREE >>150458521 >>150454013
Backup >>150496394>^Collection of HUNDREDS of links
of war per Q)>>Anonymous (ID: xK/RZOTn) 11/24/17(Fri)12:49:28
try to escape from Caste in Patagonia Argentina
dating website that weas trying to frame Assange suspicion
by some people from Wickr. Who si Wickr Check this list out –>Richard
No.150745620reminder:***NEW SPREADSHEET***
No.150745724File: Justice.jpg (139 KB, 576×576)139 KB JPG
twitter, facebook, insta, etc.>Talk to peopleDROPBOX>>NEWD
award >>150300800John P. >>150457401!Twitter MEMES >>150336521 >>150332186
disclosure is here : are some key points within it
: also : >>149289399>>Anonymous (ID: P/vxAn1+)
you have seen London?Shots fired.Any more information?>>Anonymous
1511412843996.png (1.14 MB, 782×708)1.14 MB PNGBACKLOG0-491
WIKIANON – CBTS Thread listings @ Wiki:
ANYTHING, TELL HIMTO BAKERS wanting to update:> Get batter>
KB JPG>>150744747> the matrix were real,
in Patagonia, Argentina, a remote mountainous paradise full of Nazi refugees.>>JamesPaladin
y.jpg (763 KB, 2080×1544)763 KB JPGChanges made since last OP:- Added”>^Collection
how, why, here : is THE GREAT AWAKENING of all time.
A partial synopsis of it is here>>BidenIsAPedo !!6qSRRaW4nrv
No.150746316Cern Symmetry > creepy as Gotthard>>Anonymous
for Premise>David Soloff – likely spook, connections to
(ID: TXYRcfvD) 11/24/17(Fri)13:02:01 No.150746711>>150745724>
& Co. With Nathaniel Rothschild as director, Goldcorp>>Anonymous
No.150747472 Anonymous (ID: i2XA2ErR) 11/24/17(Fri)13:09:07 No.150747472>>150744654>>Anonymous
No.150747939>>150747527I highly recommend watching Aug Tellez>>Anonymous
these following info:
more threads you can join. There is also /QA (>>Anonymous
party>>Anonymous (ID:
Officials DIDN’T know about missing submarine until press reports
No.150749064File: usaf_30sw_formosat_5_spl.png (2.17 MB, 1024×1174)2.17 MB PNG>>Anonymous
.pdf with Q’s posts updated !!!All posts of Q in .pdf format:part I:
(up-to-date until this post):>>Anonymous
protect child abusers? Yea (
went to 128k ft. and you can see the fucking curvature.
to have sheilding same as the B2. invisibilty to radar>>Anonymous
(ID: wh3CBNvl) 11/24/17(Fri)13:37:42 No.150750329>>150750158
(ID: 2yr7o3g1) 11/24/17(Fri)13:42:50 No.150750862>>150748090>>W&W
that Hitler escaped to Argentina bu sub…
>>150750443>>Anonymous (ID: 5LAkocoO) 11/24/17(Fri)13:48:49
No.150751848 Anonymous (ID: 6pz9Jw1D) 11/24/17(Fri)13:52:10 No.150751848>>150745915>
in 1985 and was most recently refitted in 2014>>Anonymous
a nuke within range? Blow their ass out of the water!!>>Anonymous
CNC >>149960813Signature >>149958772Countdown +++ >>149081347Q-Text:>
<- Updated Nov 22 >>**QMAP
people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>!!!WIKI
(Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Indictments
of war per Q)>>Anonymous (ID: E/5pMc2X) 11/22/17(Wed)18:49:11
BY FIBO-SIG ANON 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14
to resign in 2018, LL documents requested >>150355135Opium
field bombing>Nov 21 Soros-funded Organisations >>150294491CERN
>>150401371 BC = EagleLANGLEY @CHANNEL 9 >>150405199Conyers Harassment
>>150336521 >>150332186 <- IMPORTANT, SPREAD THEMTONNES Fucking respond to these dick riders.Ancient Links of 100000-099 >>149260564
>>149260587 >>149260611
>>149836491 >>150524559 link added:—-It’s
the whole disclosure is here : are some key points
within it : also : >>149289399>>Anonymous (ID:
by accident.>>Anonymous
drive??>>Anonymous (ID:
spoq/MnB) 11/22/17(Wed)19:19:43 No.150533457
Anonymous (ID: cGodl+I5) 11/22/17(Wed)19:28:17 No.150534346>>Anonymous
his devil hand sign
baphomet and the ovary system of females>>Anonymous
v3Yj0MrO) 11/22/17(Wed)19:37:24 No.150535340>>150532682>>Anonymous
No.150535578 Anonymous (ID: cZ+YtuId) 11/22/17(Wed)19:39:35 No.150535578
KB JPG> like they deal with: SPACEX, Twitter,
Playboy, smattering of othersSenior team:>>”That
No.150535831Hitler is Pablo Escobars father?>>Anonymous
the mansion.>>Anonymous (ID: /pwo2j59)
No.150536245File: DO6PF50X4AAS7gO.jpg (165 KB, 1200×900)165 KB JPG>>150533245>
what I can tell>>Anonymous (ID: lp0/wsD7) 11/22/17(Wed)19:45:57
(1.08 MB, 800×1028)1.08 MB PNG
No.150536632Suhail also made a 20 million dollar sale 2 days ago.>>Anonymous
(157 KB, 940×788)157 KB JPG>>150536245>>Anonymous
Moved.>>Anonymous (ID:>
(2 KB, 125×92)2 KB JPG>>150536982
No.150537791 Anonymous (ID: cZ+YtuId) 11/22/17(Wed)19:59:56 No.150537791>>150537424
(17 KB, 226×195)17 KB JPG>>150530057Bohemian Grove members only.>>Anonymous
to purchase Natural Gas from Russia.>>>>Anonymous———————————————Also,
No.150539022 Anonymous (ID: lp0/wsD7) 11/22/17(Wed)20:11:48 No.150539022>>JJ
Google “Rizvi Playboy”>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: cZ+YtuId) 11/22/17(Wed)20:28:43 No.150540717>>Anonymous
No.150541590Where did it end up?> iran/ nk? (speculation)>
U1 > Why in cash?>
Arab Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (al-Monsour and the Saudis)>
so distant future.”>>>150517837
at the very first instant of hearing it or seeing it. “>>
No.150542209 is busy
(89 KB, 1035×872)89 KB PNG>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: y2rupgjb) 11/22/17(Wed)20:51:14 No.150542980>>150542621
PartnerMr. Hayden V. Bower CPAManaging Director>>Anonymous
of Buffalo.>Mr.
Columbia University.>>Anonymous
RD >>149527481 SUMMARY >>149540679Q-Text: !!! Q-Book UPDATED >>150749354 >
SS Anon >>150468992>
(Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> of ALL(1000s)
of LINKS posted here Indictments are a huge thing1,800+
NOV 21 >>150328992NOV 22 >>150467695 >>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON
23 >>150634403 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14 >>149441897Nov
“We are doing something special. People are feeling it”
>>150504838>>Anonymous (ID: TWb7ugNq) 11/25/17(Sat)17:28:31
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>NegativeFeedback
& Twittter >>150557231 Most of the Rizvi Management info>
of Weiner laptop case >’s code >>150692295
>>150695190 >>150696852Thiel sold FB stock road closes
just need more great minds to understand how, why, here :
is THE GREAT AWAKENING of all time. A partial synopsis of it is here>>NegativeFeedback (>Nov 23Green1 Stringer >>>>150585862Al >>150414073China/Russia Owl FREE >>150458521 >>150454013
of war per Q)>>NegativeFeedback !pLAglmb73I (ID: sNTlOaWr)
>>150643721>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, insta, etc.>Talk to peopleDROPBOX>>NEWI
>>150336521 >>150332186 <- IMPORTANTTONNES of MEMES >>150189282 >>150531311#500 >>150532665 #501 >>150539844 content of the batter will prove a
will tell you about stuffs you missed.Current BATTER’s
recipe- recipe –>>Anonymous
→ #>>150522442 → #>>150424047 → #>>150720293 → #LINK
is RT talking about Brighbart coroner dying?>>Anonymous
No.150897298File: Screenshot_20171125-174149.jpg (91 KB, 1340×257)91 KB JPG>>Anonymous
or forgot about it.. this was pre Q.. but relevant to what we are working on..>>Anonymous
Office MUCH MORE LIST>>>>>>>
to our space program [PDF]:>>Anonymous
KB, 480×743)114 KB PNG>>>>>>Anonymous
(ID: DiZWUwnd) 11/25/17(Sat)17:53:20 No.150898149H3|| hath no furY lik3 m3>>Anonymous
but no such luck.
A worldwide broadcast conference call.>
also a 4chan reference later in the article.>>Anonymous
submarine?>Trump wrote 45 in his tweet.>45th passenger:>>150898222Article>>Anonymous
Danger that could be a thing. I don’t know enough to say…>>Silence7
UcF3Xabp) 11/25/17(Sat)18:05:38 No.150899391>>150899304>>Anonymous
clip>>Avonymous (ID: SjAbLqp7) 11/25/17(Sat)18:05:58
(ID: ukNW6dNJ) 11/25/17(Sat)18:06:04 No.150899439>>Anonymous
No.150899745Another Clinton supporter is dead and the body count continues.
No.150900093Remember what prefaced all of this.. stay focused anons..>>Anonymous
No.150900746This went CRAZY NUTS when Q posted today.>>Anonymous
went CRAZY NUTS when Q posted today. shit hurt
attachment of that email about “doens’t get better than this”>>Anonymous
No.150901484File: 673856874.jpg (125 KB, 797×355)125 KB JPG>President
No.150902261FOLKS…..Trump/Epstein connect>>Anonymous
Per, U.S.
(72 KB, 686×702)72 KB JPG>>150899883>>Anonymous
been looking at the wrong map(s)…Here you’ll find the Q maps (new ones added recently):
you should also take a look at:>>Anonymous
lived in it since the 1950s. Looks like they have plans to refurbish it.>>Anonymous
in some guy’s blog.>>
to Iran>>Anonymous (ID: xr7EIztc) 11/25/17(Sat)18:43:43
No.150903909>>150903833Sorry, forgot the link for Q’s posts:>>Anonymous
No.150904040 Anonymous (ID: R9dmkz9r) 11/25/17(Sat)18:51:28 No.150904040>>150903172>>Anonymous
Investigation For Alleged Child Molestation>>>Anonymous
system go here Hunt for parcel, click
2048×1475)698 KB JPGVALIDITY of Q >>>>150523668 Q-Text:>
no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>
!!WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Sealed Indictments
Q >>149975157 >>150370641 Trip !6.YVwvfgt6 NYT Post (Declaration of war per Q)>>Anonymous
22 >>150467695 >>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON
>>150214997 (In light of RECENT Q)Yellen to resign in 2018,
LL documents requested >>150355135Opium field bombing >Nov
@CHANNEL 9 >>150405199Conyers Harassment >>150414073No
Podesta Gorup FUNDERS (Possible connetions/dirts) >>150504838>>DEATH
No.150562037>>150561736In reference to Elon Musk projects…>>Anonymous
11/22/17(Wed)23:58:29 No.150562052
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>DEATH
!Twitter MEMES >>150336521 >>150332186 <- IMPORTANTTONNES No.150562561 Anonymous (ID: gREaPbko) 11/23/17(Thu)00:03:41 No.150562561>>150562337>Rizvi
To Bakers wanting to update the batter when I’m away:> Get batter>
BACKLINKS0-491 >>150531311 #490 >>150468844
satellite explosion with SpaceX. Good guys buying some time?>>Anonymous
No.150562856 Information Systems>>Anonymous
own surveillance?>>Anonymous (ID: E+mC5kUJ) 11/23/17(Thu)00:08:58
stock price higher than market levels.>>Anonymous
funding SpaceX.Launching top secret satellite. ZUMA.>>Mello
$551 million.[“> Holding invests $400
No.150563753>>150561225I Pet Goat II>>Anonymous (ID:
“Rocket man”Coincidence?>>Anonymous
don’t get why Rizvi, but there it is….>>Anonymous
(128 KB, 160×120)128 KB GIF>SpaceX
No.150564072 Nobody !uX3i/6a4qM (ID: X1JDhQD9) 11/23/17(Thu)00:17:52 No.150564072
most likely cause of WW3 imo,”>>Anonymous
see history>>Anonymous (ID: eV+SPkHm) 11/23/17(Thu)00:18:41
Nobody !uX3i/6a4qM (ID: X1JDhQD9) 11/23/17(Thu)00:19:22 No.150564221
struck with NK in 1994 by Bill Clinton:
deal stuck in 2015 by B. Obama:>Re-read
pic w/ Y head covered in gold?Yes, Hillary R Clinton:>What
to try an attack at a game (tomorrow even)?>Can’t
5 games tomorrow, 3 NFL 2 college:>>W&W
They are connected to Playboy, twitter, Hollywood!>>Anonymous
as well.>Heres the livestream, happening right now.>>>Anonymous
(ID: X1JDhQD9) 11/23/17(Thu)00:22:27 No.150564539>>Anonymouse
No.150564730 Anonymouse (ID: foz5aEiL) 11/23/17(Thu)00:24:24 No.150564730>>150564498>>Anonymous
No.150564766 Nobody !uX3i/6a4qM (ID: X1JDhQD9) 11/23/17(Thu)00:24:43 No.150564766>>Anonymous
No.150564780 Anonymous (ID: vNX8Mk9F) 11/23/17(Thu)00:24:51 No.150564780^^
!uX3i/6a4qM (ID: X1JDhQD9) 11/23/17(Thu)00:25:51 No.150564888>>Anonymous
this the actor mentioned in NOLA honey trap blind item?Does this refer to kompromat?>>Anonymous
true. Do your research!>>Anonymous
zealand??where china is launching space projects?
china is building a navy in space>>Anonymous
to SeaEyeA/DeeeepStaaaaate Look Here:>>Anonymous
No.150565257 in Turkey>>Anonymous (ID: odhv7fEM) 11/23/17(Thu)00:29:24
(sorry, if it’s been covered.)RIZVI TRAVERSE PORTFOLIO>>Anonymous
not launched last week. Mechanical issues. Plan to launch after t-giving.
do you think about musk’s underground tunnel?>>Anonymous
No.150565980>>150562037I want to know who shot down his rocket.>>Anonymous
masonry than originally thought this might have some Clues********>>Anonymous
satan x2!ITPb.qbhqonice digits tho
trafficking sentence in U.S. history!! 472 years to be EXACT!! :)******************>>Anonymous
No.150567244This is how bad it is>>Anonymous (ID: EJBCfLud)
No.150567296>>150562337 the aisle a
triangle. Definitely read the about page.>>Anonymous
fifth flight for the U.S. Air Force’s X-37B Orbital …>>Nobody
No.150568097Well, Q. You’re famous!,
>>150454362 → →Q Trip !ITPb.qbhqoArchive:
→ →Q-Text:> >>*QMAP
people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223 → →>!!
WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)>! BOOK OF Q
FIBO-SIG ANON 10-12 >>149441849 → →Nov
>>150504838 → →>>Anonymous (ID: mbXTCy5d) 11/23/17(Thu)14:10:10
BC = EagleLANGLEY @CHANNEL 9 >>150405199 → →Conyers Harassment
>>150336521 → → >>150332186 → → <- IMPORTANT!TONNES CNC >>149960813Signature >>149958772Countdown +++ >>149081347Q-Text:>
<- Updated Nov 22 >>**QMAP
people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>!!!WIKI
(Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Indictments
of war per Q)>>Anonymous (ID: cAadCS1Q) 11/22/17(Wed)21:01:15
BY FIBO-SIG ANON 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14
to resign in 2018, LL documents requested >>150355135Opium
field bombing>Nov 21 Soros-funded Organisations >>150294491CERN
>>150401371 BC = EagleLANGLEY @CHANNEL 9 >>150405199Conyers Harassment
>>150336521 >>150332186 <- IMPORTANT, SPREAD THEMTONNES Fucking respond to these dick riders.Ancient Links of 100000-099 >>149260564
>>149260587 >>149260611
>>149836491 >>150524559 link added:—-It’s
defecation in just over a decade – AP News>>Anonymous
mpg5SWbw) 11/22/17(Wed)21:21:45 No.150546124>>150545914
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>Anonymous
Prince Philip a god? re: Cargo Cults
the GOLD plated nanoparticles?>>Anonymous
in stock in a separate vehicle.>Saudi Arabia-based Kingdom
Equity Fund III. Rizvi ( Rizvi Traverse Management
lie” by Shahryar Rizvi (unknown if related but interesting)>>Anonymous
Patriot” (Oct 31st)>There
here for you.>>Anonymous (ID:
all leads to CERN>>W&W !!2HB9iHje93w
Soros and the Illuminati Bloodlines. “>>Anonymous
owl is not Moloch. The owl refers to CERNThe owl eyes are CERN>>Anonymous
(238 KB, 899×873)238 KB JPG>>150547056Owl = CERNWHITE RABBIT = CERNALICE =. CERN>>Anonymous
= CERN Magnetic fields ALICE = CERNWHITE RABBIT = CERN.>>Anonymous
(1.31 MB, 283×283)1.31 MB GIF>>150549205OWL = CERN>>Anonymous
Be smarter than that Read>>Anonymous
(53 KB, 366×274)53 KB PNG>>150549337WHITE RABBIT = CERN ALSO>>Anonymous
= CERNGOLD = CERN>>W&W !!2HB9iHje93w
No.150550684 Anonymous (ID: 0qKPPEWP) 11/22/17(Wed)22:06:47 No.150550684>>Anonymous>>Anonymous (ID: egRuHc8P)
[2]” Nov 10th>>>148021760>Finally.>Correct
Anonymous (ID: 0qKPPEWP) 11/22/17(Wed)22:11:12 No.150551133>>anoymous
No.150551274NEW STUFFTrump tweets on Argentine Subs.>>Anonymous
all leads to something. Read the link.>>Anonymous
No.150551460 it
Read the thread>>Anonymous
No.150551799Deep Dream = Alphabet Google
No.150552146Crazy Doc on North Korea….>>Anonymous
the existing rules give the president the keys to the entire internet.****************>>Anonymous
by maintenance at cern>>Anonymous
<-- were covered in Gold is like:>>Anonymous (ID: Xk5BC/c9)
Anonymous (ID: e5eBbgKL) 11/22/17(Wed)22:33:22 No.150553468U.S Sealed Indictments*****************************>>Autism
10 20. Tetrahedral numbers. I can connect the pyramids all the way to CERN>>Storm
(ID: rWVm5kRG) 11/22/17(Wed)22:40:29 No.150554183
NOT match. To verify all legitimate Q posts, go here:!ITPb.qbhqo/>>Anonymous
OfficerMr. Ben KohnManaging PartnerMr. Hayden V. Bower CPAManaging Director>>Anonymous
No.150554491>>150554103>Rizvi Traverse Management.>>Anonymous
He holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Buffalo.>Mr.
Columbia University.>>Anonymous
hands “>>Anonymous (ID: Xk5BC/c9) 11/22/17(Wed)22:51:00
Autism (ID: i8po2Qkm) 11/22/17(Wed)22:56:36 No.150555862>>150555186,-77.044182,307.62h,13.21p,1z>>Anonymous
Autism (ID: i8po2Qkm) 11/22/17(Wed)22:57:00 No.150555906>>150555268,-77.044182,307.62h,13.21p,1zthis
Anonymous (ID: R92N+gAt) 11/22/17(Wed)22:57:51 No.150555989>> 150522442
No.150556074>>150555703>>Anonymous (ID: Ma/W0scj) 11/22/17(Wed)22:59:43
warehouse in Washington DC or wherever you think it is.>>Anonymous
(37 KB, 600×420)37 KB JPG>>150556283 Holding
Look through the images>>Anonymous
Video of Iranian plane taking off from Geneva.
a sop to a global terrorism
after final deal went into effect last January.”>>Anonymous
already invented the tech.’t
No.150559054File: Screenshot_20171122-222740.jpg (223 KB, 768×1024)223 KB JPG>>Anonymous
hippie LSD movement was started by the CIA>>Q
(250 KB, 768×1024)250 KB JPG
back in time. we forgotten where we came
No.150559453The Y head is Cern I think…look here.Cernunnos – Wild God of the Forest>>Anonymous
Q, nice try though SHILL! Again, all verified Q trip codes you can find here:!ITPb.qbhqo/>>Anonymous
No.150560753>>150412500>>Anonymous (ID:
as well.>Heres the livestream, happening right now.>>>Anonymous
No.150742362 bread thread
thread:>>W (ID: nxGybwyc) 11/24/17(Fri)12:22:45
No.150751765>>150742362It’s well within the collective consciousness
reptilian bs.>
!!! WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Legend
UPDATED Text of Q:>>>
Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v
WIKI WikiAnon !!bWaeQ92+NhD Keen RD (for NORMIES)
EU Q >>149975157 >>150182351 NYT Post (Declaration of war per Q)>>NightBaker
>>149035146 >>150222499ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-ANON>
Get >>149488888 >Nov 16MS-13 Bust Grope posts creepybiden >>149606081U1 Arrests beginning >>149606161
>Nov 17Redschild manor crash >>149830522 >>149925262New
JFK & Zimbabwe >>149835625Roseanne
Shoahd >>149845910 officially questions 2016
>Nov 18U1 INFORMANT >>149983238 SuperPAC Dead
Ben brother’s pedoring uncovered >Nov 19HRC Trouble >>150005139
>>150006222Mugabe refusal
@ Langley? & Zimbabwe 2 >>150072262Titanic sunk to remove
the key stone this:>> !!ThMbvn8ZPkf
NEXT BAKER TO ADD TO NEXT BREAD Dropbox memes for normies. SPREAD THEM!>
study and the whole disclosure is here : are some key
points within it : also : >>149289399>>NightBaker >>149260587 →
>>149260611 → >>149836491 →
→ #443 >>150160388 →#444 >>150166775 → #445 #445 >>150173597
No.150293316>>Anonymous (ID: bWAfm+Np)
460:#455 >> >>150262301#457 >>150268748#458 >>150273847#459
KB, 183×183)73 KB PNG Attack Maps shows jew homeland
thread pic EU anon*** Q Trip !ITPb.qbhqoLazy man’s way of following Q –
No.150294464>>150293777>>Anonymous (ID: bWAfm+Np) 11/21/17(Tue)01:30:08
DpLn6B4d) 11/21/17(Tue)01:30:20 No.150294491Soros
Anonymous (ID: ktLlWcGh) 11/21/17(Tue)01:30:55 No.150294547>>Anonymous
No.150294637>>Anonymous (ID: YlO/YALm)
(238 KB, 960×678)238 KB JPG
started to appear on some MSM.>>Anonymous
No.150296373 Anonymous (ID: Jfg+eQ9J) 11/21/17(Tue)01:54:37 No.150296373>>150296031>
to discuss, research, share, meme, etc. Welcome.>>Anonymous
No.150296828>>150296037Check their trips faggot.>>Anonymous>>Anonymous
No.150297931 Anonymous (ID: 2H8E+PRc) 11/21/17(Tue)02:15:50 No.150297931
No.150298105>>150297851Haven’t watched it yet>>Anonymous
to stop old policies of arming terror faggots in middle east>>Anonymous
No.150298258Dönmeh spotted!:
Might be relevant. Not sure.>>Anonymous
Book of Q, unless I’m a dumbass and missed it>>Silence7
No.150298663>>150297104>>Anonymous>>Anonymous (ID: Lv0TpQH0) 11/21/17(Tue)02:27:24 No.150298701
Anonymous (ID: D1V/ZIsp) 11/21/17(Tue)02:28:07 No.150298752>>150298690
we all have to check EU Q anon’s posts and decide for ourselves/!6.YVwvfgt6>>assburger>>Anonymous (ID:
SafbLRYq) 11/23/17(Thu)23:26:16 No.150688131VALIDITY of Q >>150523668 Q-Text:>
posts in archive +date)Normal people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>
!!WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> !BOOK OF
>>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON Nov 23 >>150634403 CRUMBSNov 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14 >>149441897Nov 14 >>149829062Nov
and Podesta Gorup FUNDERS (Possible connections/dirts) >>150504838>>NightBaker >>150414073China/Russia Owl FREE >>150458521 >>150454013
of war per Q)>>NightBaker !!6kZ44O8g0Wt (ID: SafbLRYq) 11/23/17(Thu)23:27:37
facebook, insta, etc.>Talk to people DROPBOX>
>>150332186 <- IMPORTANTTONNES of MEMES >>150189282 >>150189310White
People are feeling it” >DIGGINGRIZVI
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>Anonymous
just need more great minds to understand how, why, here :
is THE GREAT AWAKENING of all time. A partial synopsis of it is here>>Anonymous >>150531311 #500 >>150532665 #501 >>150539844
ANYTHING, TELL HIM TO BAKERS wanting to update:> Get batter>
and lurkers/anons will tell you about stuffs you missed. OP BATTER>>Anonymous
you. Book of Q>>Anonymous
No.150688947 at around 2:00 mins Potus says to the
No.150688951>>150688200>NK >>150527964 →>HELP ME FIND THIS PLANCE>>XXX
No.150689099 Anonymous (ID: CdhPUurY) 11/23/17(Thu)23:36:30 No.150689099>>150688909>>Anonymous
education through exchanges of visits at all levels.”>>Anonymous
(17 KB, 220×262)17 KB JPGQ has Betsy D had a chance to talk with Charlotte Iserbyt?>>Anonymous
No.150689399 seriously at around 2:00 POTUS mentions
No.150689553>>150689343That’s a great find…Interesting….>>Anonymous
Prince /ourguy and Betsy Devos /ourgirl?“The
contractors hanging torturing captured Saudis by hanging them upside down.>>Anonymous
Look as the Accused Get DeVos’s Ear’ meetings with
‘men’s rights’ groups over campus sex assault spark controversy
DeVos Is Right: Sexual Assault Policy Is Broken to
Replace Obama-Era Sexual Assault Guidelines DeVos
announces huge overhaul of federal student loan system
to pull feds out of K-12 education Order on Enforcing
Statutory Prohibitions on Federal Control of Education
Secretary DeVos says Common Core no longer an issue for schools
rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled students
offers buyouts to shrink Education Department workforce>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: AWIOwVuJ) 11/23/17(Thu)23:47:50 No.150690107>>150689075>>Anonymous
Al-Issa new education minister >ARAB NEWS | Published — Saturday 12 December 2015>
Owl, and Y.
enroll in private school… i skimmed… anyone else?
advocates also deemed DeVos’ nomination as “catastrophic for public education.”>>Anonymous
No.150690461>>150690432Please archive >https://mic com/articles/160330/betsy-de-vos-her-family-net-worth-education-and-other-facts-to-know#.DKc6Al1pp>>Anonymous
like>>Anonymous (ID: /90jl2DX) 11/23/17(Thu)23:54:03
GUIDE FOR COMMANDERS FM 27-1 (Military Justice amd Administrative Law)
No.150691509>>150690281zuckerbergmuskmachine mind interface>>Anonymous
a street in Laurel Canyon… where the CIA MK Ultra stuff got it’s start>>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: ZkdNkWSQ) 11/24/17(Fri)00:09:04 No.150692008>>15069147994-2: 94. 94.>>Anonymous (ID: 7DwqA/zJ) 11/24/17(Fri)00:12:40
were updated June 2016. pic related full doc at link:>>Anonymous
Y >>150673741DeVos ->>150690851
message, is the brother of Betsy Devos, member of the Trump admin.>>Anonymous
No.150693687 video just posted by someone called
Spacecraft names>>Anonymous (ID:
unusual?>>Anonymous (ID: x+xXHtHO) 11/24/17(Fri)00:35:21
down to pg. 370-376. I don’t know how to copy this info here but very insightful.>>Anonymous
No.150694607>>150690254USA94USA58NSA Spacecraft names
= NAVSTAR 34 Tracking available – the
launches tiny satellites (from a plane!) to measure hurricane winds>>>Anonymous
No.150694878>>150694674Can’t view it now. China censored it?>>Anonymous
+++ >>149081347 Q-Text:> <- Updated Nov 22>>
people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>
!!!WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Sealed Indictments
>>150370641 Trip !6.YVwvfgt6NYT Post (Declaration of war per Q)>>Anonymous
NOV 21 >>150328992NOV 22 >>150467695 >>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON
light of RECENT Q)Yellen to resign in 2018, LL documents
requested >>150355135Opium field bombing>Nov 21 Soros-funded
@CHANNEL 9 >>150405199Conyers Harassment >>150414073No
and Pod Group >>150504838>>Anonymous (ID: 3Y/g5PQ8)
P. >>150457401Black Eye >>150468763!Twitter MEMES >>150336521 >>150332186
when I’m away:> Get batter> Copy batter to Notepad/new >>150209720 #451 >>150218280 #452 >>150225180
– not sure if it matters>>Anonymous (ID: QZNURrf0)
QWM2YnJ7) 11/22/17(Wed)15:47:36 No.150508161Surah ar-Rum:>>Bookman
to make a movie about it>>Anonymous (ID: 6hU41HMf)
Anonymous (ID: yfoz2YSo) 11/22/17(Wed)15:51:04 No.150508572>>150508358>
on the lists…
thought this was interesting>>Anonymous
is bador download from here>>DEATH TO THE TRIUMVIRATE (ID:
No.150511369Follow this:>>Anonymous (ID: LJkcjsLT)
(ID: KcUp9qZK) 11/22/17(Wed)16:18:41 No.150511811How old are our fellow CBTS’ers?>>NightBaker
disclosure is here : are some key points within it
: also : >>149289399>>Anonymous (ID: ppAUwXiG)
No.150514182 . (ID: pk8eZ8IQ) 11/22/17(Wed)16:39:00 No.150514182
(118 KB, 900×530)118 KB JPGFound on: >>>Q
Shit…. Look at them all. 1972 Illuminati Party>>Anonymous
and there are some good articles>>Nobody
one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold?From:>>Dr.FuckBoi
(79 KB, 600×404)79 KB JPG>>Q
No.150516153>>150515835A triangle. A prism.>>Anonymous
No.150516307>>150515203Verbatim from>>
No.150516375Gold Capstone, never happened.>>Anonymous
No.150516673 goes into
No.150517015>>150515835 all a matter of perspective
and vibrations. LIGHT>>NightBaker !!6kZ44O8g0Wt (ID:
No.150517169Gold as a radiation shield: >>>Anonymous
is the birth craddle of the drug trade.>>Anonymous
these names mean more to other people>>Anonymous
No.150518585>>150518357Covered in gold, was rosschilds – posted last thread>>Anonymous
million + 1.3 billion?1.7 billion dollars in cash
be tracked>>12345
bread I baked. Here is link to previous thread:>>Anonymous
be meted upon you 10-fold>good times ahead>>Anonymous
No.150727933Long read.>>Anonymous
link to Qbot on Twatter.>>W (ID: 7kwX0CM8)
KB JPGThreadly reminder of what this thread is:>>SPOOPY
CNC >>149960813 →Signature >>149958772 →Countdown +++ >>149081347 →Q-Text:>
<- Updated Nov 22 >>**QMAP
(Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Indictments
Anonymous (ID: ZqR/HMXv) 11/22/17(Wed)16:20:34 No.150512031What this?
so overlay on your own qmap 1 if quality is bador download from here>>Anonymous
ATTN.That temple of Set in NK has website Satanshit galore (pic
No.150513115>>150512455>”The people who some
No.150513163 . (ID: 6Jzznoqz) 11/22/17(Wed)16:30:12 No.150513163
SUM OF ALL FEARS.>>Anonymous (ID: agvoNSXD)
but here’s James Franco being covered in gold by MARINA ABRAMOVIC>>Bookman
this:>>Anonymous (ID: i1j19g+1) 11/22/17(Wed)16:35:34
No.150513810 Anonymous (ID: i1j19g+1) 11/22/17(Wed)16:35:34 No.150513810>>Anonymous
meretricious argument”>>Anonymous
(ID: giN4a8xm) 11/22/17(Wed)16:37:48 No.150514041>>150513968>>Anonymous
No.150514060>>150513951Forgot the damn link. Council of foreign affairs>>Anonymous
No.150514162 Anonymous (ID: dulDMHPb) 11/22/17(Wed)16:38:53 No.150514162
No.150514343 Anonymous (ID: UKzsABI9) 11/22/17(Wed)16:40:19 No.150514343>>Anonymous
No.150514807 NightBaker !!6kZ44O8g0Wt (ID: HD/I1dPA) 11/22/17(Wed)16:44:22 No.150514807>>150514666>>Anonymous
Includes presidents, Rothschild and other heavy hitters>>NightBaker
No.150515595Good read about Gold>>Anonymous
news site for you.>http://whatdoesitmean com/index2439.htm>>Anonymous
No.150515954 Anonymous (ID: XhUZz8z9) 11/22/17(Wed)16:53:13 No.150515954>>150512900>couple>>Anonymous
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>Anonymous
Definition of gold via (gōld) A soft,
Google can translate:>>Anonymous
the order…Why long?>>Anonymous
>>149260564 >>149260587
>>149260611 >>149836491!B0T
(When needed) >>149923146 >>149961566Original Batter: link added:—-It’s
Much Gold.>>Anonymous (ID: wuC74T7Z)
before being thrown into the fire.>>Anonymous
(66 KB, 716×474)66 KB JPG>>150512900>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: rzfy5h5D) 11/22/17(Wed)17:05:55 No.150517581>>Weapongrade in USA and worldwide. Serious demon SHIT>>Anonymous (ID: E9nblhKF)
KB JPGA search of /_ brought up this bizarre vid.>>Anonymous
hoarding gold>>Bookman
business partner on those projects, where he functioned mainly as a technical consultant.–Dr–Steve-Pieczenik.html?soid=1108369064136&aid=4EP6B0VfDYQ>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: qhO9ZkvL) 11/22/17(Wed)17:09:37 No.150518003
Gold dress pic was taken by Henry Dunay>>Anonymous
urgent transition to war-time operations
weapons>>Anonymous (ID: 5XZDU0+l)
Q is talking about.>>Anonymous (ID:
No.150519984Robert Kuok –>>Anonymous
Surreallist Ball.>>Anonymous
tryin to start WW3 since nam –>>Anonymous
640×480)85 KB JPG
to use them in the US and blame in on Muslims. Edge Of Darkness>>Anonymous
No.150521238>>150521067>>Anonymous (ID: xtRLlXWs)
No.150521322>>150520967correct see here>>Anonymous
No.150521517 Anonymous (ID: hIKTDL8M) 11/22/17(Wed)17:37:36 No.150521517>>150514041>
are?>>>Anonymous (ID: U6dDHLxM)
from Trump Jr?>>Anonymous
KB JPGVALIDITY of Q >>150523668Q-Text: > >>!!SPREADSHEET:
people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>!!WIKI
(Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)>!BOOK OF Q (PDF)
>>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON 23 >>150634403 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14 >>149441897Nov 14 >>149829062Nov
and Podesta Gorup FUNDERS (Possible connections/dirts) >>150504838>>Bookman
@CHANNEL 9 >>150405199Conyers Harassment >>150414073China/Russia
Q >>149975157 >>150370641 Trip !6.YVwvfgt6NYT Post (Declaration of war per Q)>>Bookman
1300×1390)248 KB JPG*INSPIRATION >>150319233 >>150593675DROPBOX MEMES FOR NORMIES>
award >>150300800John P. >>150457401!Twitter MEMES >>150336521 >>150332186
No.150644280File: silsby 2.png (1.05 MB, 1704×6930)1.05 MB PNG
and Nora Maccobie > children: Anne Maccoby Berglof, Izette
trafficing Maccoby brother of Nora Maccoby and Izette
Folger, defended in Alefantis and Brock in court
is on the board of directors of “Friends of the Orphans”
the children from when she was caught with 33 of them (pic related)>PUELLO:
and free”>3:44 “We are doing something special. People are feeling it”
TELL HIMTO BAKERS wanting to update:> Get batter>
and lurkers/anons will tell you about stuffs you missed.OP BATTER>>Anonymous
socks in pick related socks seem to be exclusively available
on this website
of this onlineshop is Sir Phillip Green friendly guy
also lend his private jet to the McCanns to tour around
Clinton “Sir” seems to be a honourary badge for
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>Anonymous
and the false flag was the payment.also his father is an actor
well as he himself seems to be too, or at least in the movie business
he lived in Haiti all hints towards the connections to
of the New York Dinner of the Clinton Foundation
works for a company founded (among others) by Mitt Romney>Bain
if they really severed all ties. Bain & Co has ties to Atlantic Council
in turn has ties through Dmitri Alperovitch to Crowdstrike
to the DNC
his brother, who was found guilty of Childpornography
No.150644478File: ring 2.png (729 KB, 1045×672)729 KB PNG>>150644438>Bekenstein
today. (January 12, 2001 ) >The sender, later identified
was arrested in 2011?!also in>One
humantrafficing and childdiddling
gets shot, and Pizza gets send to his office was then
MedStar Washington Hospital Center shooter is also known
for abusing his fosterchilds>In April 2006, Hodgkinson was
Maybe murder instead?Also Trump brought his personal Physician to scalise
weirdly congresscandidate Lindy Li seems to have a connection to the shooter.>>Anonymous
the ambulance arrived and probably kept him alive was also
quoted for saying “It’s just as easy as ordering a pizza, to order a person.”
for scalise, jack sava, also appears to be on the guestlist together with the podestas
and later get into shock and collapse explaining the critical condition.
can be deadlyhowever here it says he was in good spirits,
it seem like its normal if he dies this
No.150644629File: hello darkness my old friend.png (541 KB, 590×876)541 KB PNG>>150644578
the shooting where did he go? certainly not targetpractive.
was he maybe snatched up and MKUltrad in that time? >Prior
because they didnt want to be abused by those people they were given to on purpose (this article is weird as it is literally just a headline
No.150644982File: SnB 322.jpg (61 KB, 346×328)61 KB JPGtrevor moore is /ourguy/
baphometthen there is also this shit:
Get batter> Copy batter to Notepad/new pastebin (eliminates
about stuffs you missed.OP BATTER and Happy
out of the hospital
then was insisted on only appearing on that one show, at Ellen and nowhere else
confirm it while also looking kind of uncomfortable
33 guns in the last year. 33 being a number the masons really like to use
comped” probably hinting towards slang from Cheesepizza being switched to sushi)
women went around the festival before the shooting saying they will all die
No.150645689File: hillshill.png (47 KB, 586×281)47 KB PNG
followers, because he says he is friends with comet ping pong and joe biden.>A
cought be coincidence.>>Anonymous
No.150645782File: biden pedo 2.jpg (80 KB, 1000×563)80 KB JPG>>150645721>>Anonymous
No.150645878File: hot shit.jpg (101 KB, 1024×608)101 KB JPG>>Anonymous
No.150645951>>150643916might want deeper into this ?>the temple of Seth >
related ? i did a quick overlook >found a podcast )>>Anonymous
Apartheid settlements, explained
Zionist Story. (Full Documentary)
Lobby Israel Lobby’s Impact on America
on Israel / Palestine – Occupation
Pain Doesn’t Go Away – Rachel Corrie’s Parents on RAI (1/3)>>Anonymous
in Biden family…>>Anonymous (ID: 9cWINCMo) 11/23/17(Thu)16:19:28
Almost 4000 views, not bad for a redpill.>>Anonymous
james alefantis (ROTHSCHILDS Fk bk freinds) – Jan Rothschild.>>Anonymous
built at Hell’s Bottom>>Anonymous
chicken in the pic>just a child>With
looks like it may be Japan>>Anonymous
No.150646669File: miley pizza.jpg (140 KB, 500×536)140 KB JPG>…,
Anonymous (ID: V+rq6btV) 11/23/17(Thu)16:24:35 No.150646803
on Russian State TV
KB, 1239×786)424 KB PNG>>150646649
een role in de langste SciFi larp saga DAT er bestaat , jij kan took meedoen>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: V+rq6btV) 11/23/17(Thu)16:28:12 No.150647166>>150646831>>Anonymous (ID: mXeWJcKT) 11/23/17(Thu)16:28:17
energy. more about that symbolism here
it seems>>Anonymous
is absolutely FBI or CIA.>>Anonymous
(322 KB, 1125×2001)322 KB JPG>>150648014>>Anonymous
No.150648905File: Kim-Jong-Un.jpg (123 KB, 1024×683)123 KB JPG
V+rq6btV) 11/23/17(Thu)16:46:15 No.150648918>>150646803
No.150649121>>150646224>>Anonymous (ID:
of the larp pushed it which was proven to be a LARPer
the cabal trying to make every one androgynous.>>Anonymous
is Rockefeller grandson, archived link> mother is Karen
No.150651089>>150650642You tell me, kike. It’s fucking Jewish.>>Anonymous
of what it comes down to is we just cared more.”>>Anonymous
Point of contact ( POC ): Farmer’s Union Rep: Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v’s
→ → (Cross-thread)Signature >>149958772 → → (Cross-thread)Text of Q:
WIKIANON – CBTS Thread listings @ Wiki:
missed.Current BATTER (embed)>>Anonymous (ID: m5gd09XO)
→ →>>150522442 → →>>150424047 → →>>150720293 → →LINK
wedding ring (nazi cross) (at 1:50 mark):>>Anonymous
Hit and run.>>>DEATH
F0QQN/Dn) 11/25/17(Sat)12:17:11 No.150862815Uhhhh This may be something…>>Anon
reported>>Anonymous (ID: R8JzsMQI)
(ID: K92umHFd) 11/25/17(Sat)12:22:48 No.150863342>>150862815>
day where they dismantled it.>>Anonymous
pRfRvIFL) 11/25/17(Sat)12:24:07 No.150863471>>150863057Here ya go>>Anonymous
(131 KB, 800×576)131 KB JPG>>150862471>>Anonymous (ID:
become a psychopath and I failed.””These people, most of them, were Luciferians”>>Anonymous
100%. maybe this has something to do with the 99% hospital rate.>>Anonymous Pic related.>>Anonymous (ID: R8JzsMQI) 11/25/17(Sat)12:31:41
Organization), IMF, the World Bank and many other organizations.”>>Anonymous
a very interesting video.>>Anonymous (ID: AwqKEtPT)
No.150865261>>150863030Here is the link.>>Voice of Reason
No.150865373 Anonymous (ID: yn7RHiZm) 11/25/17(Sat)12:43:52 No.150865373>>150863022>
rather obvious.
model for its November/December issue.Read more:
out this video. Was put on the board early last week.>>Anonymous
which link:Podesta > Edgar Mitchell (former astronaut who acknowledged ETs) > Vatican
No.150865936 Anonymous (ID: F0QQN/Dn) 11/25/17(Sat)12:49:34 No.150865936>>150865861>>>
Anonymous (ID: 9ZKG2OJy) 11/25/17(Sat)12:49:59 No.150865977
missed this one:>>>Anonymous (ID:
Anonymous (ID: c6JtdAE3) 11/25/17(Sat)12:56:17 No.150866618>>150866322Is this?>>Anonymous
that dangerous.”>>Anonymous
No.150867091 Anonymous (ID: z+sV9ifG) 11/25/17(Sat)13:01:13 No.150867091>>150866505>!
No.150867282>>150864727Two? ha!>>Anonymous (ID: YNa82g/z)
too, when we get that back)>>Anonymous (ID: TvoxkpYf) 11/25/17(Sat)13:08:11
No.150868140 Anonymous (ID: ikYcmFcR) 11/25/17(Sat)13:11:45 No.150868140
(ID: gcIlOMl/) 11/25/17(Sat)13:11:46 No.150868144>>150863057>>Parakletos
No.150868373>>150867778> read. Thanks. I’m afraid my
rifle butt and bayoneted him.”>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: gcIlOMl/) 11/25/17(Sat)13:16:18 No.150868610>>150866322>>Anonymous
leads one inescapably to: Does anyone know NASA-speak>>Anonymous
MB, 5312×2988)3.37 MB JPG>>150864653^^^^^#BornTHISwaY>>DEATH
McConnell, and Council of Foreign relations. (CFR)
found. You can see the photo in this website. Exactly same. This.>>Anonymous
of Q (with tripcode):
QRD)Keen RD >>149527481 SUMMARY >>149540679 Q-Text:>
people answers >>150429223>
THE KEY >>150703548 >>150705061>
!!WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> !BOOK OF
21 >>150328992NOV 22 >>150467695 >>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON
Nov 23 >>150634403 CRUMBSNov 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14
“We are doing something special. People are feeling it”>>Sage (ID: 45hSdEPA) 11/24/17(Fri)11:55:05 No.150739325
& FINDINGS>CURRENTLY DIGGING >Nov 24More (Y) >>150674180Thiel sell FB stock
Management info: Intel of Weiner laptop
case>>Anonymous (ID: m1ur08s6) 11/24/17(Fri)11:55:23
@CHANNEL 9 >>150405199Conyers Harassment >>150414073China/Russia
that the elites plan to go live on Mars and nuke the rest of us here on earth?>>Anonymous
of war per Q)>>KnightPaladin !3UqsVQ1HJM (ID: ve+yTSfD) 11/24/17(Fri)11:57:17
insta, etc.>Talk to people DROPBOX>
>>150332186 <- IMPORTANTTONNES of MEMES >>150189282 >>150189310White
1511455235799.jpg (391 KB, 2048×1345)391 KB JPGBACKLOG0-491
WIKIANON – CBTS Thread listings @ Wiki: ~~~The
ANYTHING, TELL HIM TO BAKERS wanting to update:> Get batter>
(ID: dt9pkUx8) 11/24/17(Fri)12:02:52 No.150740153>>150739815>>
how, why, here : is THE GREAT AWAKENING of all time.
A partial synopsis of it is here>>Anonymous (ID: BghZE1pI)
(63 KB, 340×251)63 KB JPG>>150735919Konrad Ng (married to Obama’s sister a Soetero)
caddy but Kerry put him on staff as his ‘buddy.’
the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.…>>Anonymous
No.150740438>>150740394Here’s the archive >http://nytimes com/2004/04/28/us/part-butler-and-part-buddy-aide-keeps-kerry-running.html>>Anonymous5
and decode as wellbrute force decoder figured this out>>Anonymous>>W&W !!2HB9iHje93w (ID: msqYgDcY) 11/24/17(Fri)12:08:50
Oxford Circus Station evacuated, armed police on scene, developing…>>>Anonymous
No.150740947File: JFKhitler.jpg (338 KB, 744×468)338 KB JPGRetards Observe>>Anonymous
disclosure is here : are some key points within it
: also : >>149289399>>Anonymous (ID: dt9pkUx8)
the International Space Station for NASA.”>>Anonymous
No.150741410RODS FROM GODS!>>Anonymous
nuke missiles FURTHER than its US rivals>>Anonymous
No.150741498>>150740839> asks people to
(ID: V5pyu17l) 11/24/17(Fri)12:15:09 No.150741543>>150741410>>Anonymous
No.150741676A list of everything elon musk will do by the year 2030…>>Anonymous
No.150741705Read the article.Could be the end of Q information.>>Anonymous
donation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia>>Anonymous (ID: 4iPxTnfb) 11/24/17(Fri)12:18:14 No.150741893
in Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii.>>
thread watch this vid for more on Q:>>Trish
No.150742595>>150742199>>Anonymous>>Sage (ID: 45hSdEPA) 11/24/17(Fri)12:25:10
it’s not going anywhere. All posted links from the last week or so maybe?^^^^^^^^^^
might be worth reading. some examples:company.>>nobleindictment?>>W&Wsource.>>lurkermethisfor!archived:>>>NobodyPNG>>Anonymousthis?>>150277216>>>NegativeFeedbackJPG>>150278215>>DEATHquestion)>>ANON>>W
privileges at private sporting and wine clubs.>>Anonymous
No.150744055>>150743369the Owl is actually the Van Allan Belt on the patch.>>Anonymous
bodies are buried.>>Anonymous
info in the link below.>>Anonymous
Anonymous (ID: Pj8NhZVz) 11/24/17(Fri)12:43:33 No.150744624>>150744215Relavant?>>Anonymous
No.150744677>>150744456Fine. Direct:
boomer argumentation.>>Anonymous
the sketchy dating website that weas trying to frame Assange
claim it was developed by some people from Wickr. Check this out –>Richard
No.150745246>>150744747>>Anonymous (ID: HbaKMaCd)
the numbers _Conf_BECZ_y056-(3)_y. And on page 2 of results the website
US9KzVaH) 11/23/17(Thu)20:53:49 No.150673393VALIDITY of Q >>150523668 Q-Text:>
posts in archive +date)Normal people answers, no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>
!!WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> !BOOK OF
>>150467874ULTRA CONCISE BY FIBO-SIG ANON Nov 23 >>150634403 CRUMBSNov 10-12 >>149441849Nov 13-14 >>149441897Nov 14 >>149829062Nov
and Podesta Gorup FUNDERS (Possible connections/dirts) >>150504838>>NightBaker
Harassment >>150414073China/Russia Owl FREE >>150458521
study and the whole disclosure is here : are some key
points within it : also : >>149289399>>NightBaker
of war per Q)>>NightBaker !!6kZ44O8g0Wt (ID: US9KzVaH) 11/23/17(Thu)20:54:56
facebook, insta, etc.>Talk to people DROPBOX>
>>150332186 <- IMPORTANTTONNES of MEMES >>150189282 >>150189310White
People are feeling it” >DIGGINGRIZVI
how, why, here : is THE GREAT AWAKENING of all time.
A partial synopsis of it is here>>Anonymous (ID: 1PZtLWeV)
already been brought up. Was off board for a bit.>>Anonymous >>150531311 #500 >>150532665 #501 >>150539844
ANYTHING, TELL HIM TO BAKERS wanting to update:> Get batter>
and lurkers/anons will tell you about stuffs you missed. OP BATTER>>Anonymous
?The Seven Seals…..lol>>Anonymous (ID:
(60 KB, 1133×299)60 KB PNG>>150673393>>150630772
No.150674352>>150674180Article regarding illuminati, Owl, and Y.>>Anonymous
any clues coded.>>Anonymous
from a rocket dropped from a plane at 40,000ft************************>>Anonymous
(167 KB, 801×477)167 KB JPG,_2016#U.S._RepresentativesTake>>Anonymous (ID: WRTfOXp7) 11/23/17(Thu)21:12:54
play the Bears in 3 days.>>Anonymous
Ram temple in Ayodhya. This also shows Pakistan’s involvement,” he added.->>Anonymous
for Black cube>>Anonymous (ID: y1Yhm19w)>>Anonymous (ID: OkG5n3RS) 11/23/17(Thu)21:14:41
activities rich may get gold backed
one as well.>>DoctorGreen
No.150675799 All around (ID: QbBKHKrr) 11/23/17(Thu)21:19:08 No.150675799>>Anonymous
for the record>sept, BO visits China>august,
China buys satellite stuff>sept,
space x rocket with facebook and israeli ties explodes>SpaceX
No.150676022>>150675971 >https://nytimes com/2016/09/05/world/asia/china-obama-group-of-20-summit-airport-arrival.html>https://theverge
(ID: SW6fR0E5) 11/23/17(Thu)21:22:00 No.150676079Verify real Q>>Anonymous
No.150676185I suspect you did>>Anonymous
& Y read this doc>>Anonymous
(ID: qZf+jcZD) 11/23/17(Thu)21:26:16 No.150676481>>150675972More on Keyhole.>>Anonymous
for it:>>Anonymous (ID: Y9TDpIlh) 11/23/17(Thu)21:28:19
Creepy, Kitschy and Geeky Patches of US Spy Satellite Launches>>Anonymous
ANON? Is this Q?
Looking at all the religious aspects and non of the political.>>Anonymous
No.150677793>>150677637>8 goddesses
seen this explaining Owls & Y>>Anonymous
ORGAN donation program.”>>Anonymous
I A L E C T I C + + Jordan Maxwell (Nov
here.> NPR of all places.>>DoctorGreen !DRgReeNusk (ID: OiFCPd2n)
about illuminati and there codes. See
I just posted has Owl, Y, Isis>>150678684>>XXX
No.150679129 Anonymous (ID: qZf+jcZD) 11/23/17(Thu)21:54:29 No.150679129>>150678287>>Anonymous
No.150679446 Anonymous (ID: nrgltuFW) 11/23/17(Thu)21:58:02 No.150679446>>150675771>>Anonymous
No.150680176>>150680021Letter LWho is GodIsis cryptoImportance of the number 3>>Anonymous
>>150454362 Q Trip !ITPb.qbhqoArchive:
(ID: hTFJXOCr) 11/23/17(Thu)03:23:07 No.150580146VALIDITY of Q >>>>150523668 Q-Text:>
no ayy lmao/reptilian bs >>150429223>
!!WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)> Sealed Indictments
of war per Q)>>Newfag Bakes Tonight (ID: hTFJXOCr) 11/23/17(Thu)03:23:45
light of RECENT Q)Yellen to resign in 2018, LL documents
requested >>150355135Opium field bombing >Nov 21Soros-funded
Harassment >>150414073No OWLs in China/Russia >>150458521
connetions/dirts) >>150504838>>Newfag Bakes Tonight
Eye >>150468763 !Twitter MEMES >>150336521 >>150332186
related)The study and the whole disclosure is here :
are some key points within it : also : >>149289399>>Newfag
(ID: hTFJXOCr) 11/23/17(Thu)03:24:47 No.150580253BACKLINKS0-491
when I’m away:> Get batter> Copy batter to Notepad/new
KB, 400×400)141 KB JPGLatest Q crumb dumps>What
find this book about how trump became president and fake news MSM.’s
>>150336521 >>150332186 <- IMPORTANT, SPREAD THEMTONNES No.150581130They’re getting them to talk>>Anonymous
No.150581297 Anonymous (ID: FcVmtirg) 11/23/17(Thu)03:41:27 No.150581297>>150581239>>ItchyTriggerFinger
wife?Yes>was it really
not just that. Lets go!>>Anonymous (ID:
Is that why the secret HUMA (satellite) launch has been put on hold?
another ANON replied: >>150580444pastebin linked:>>Anonymous
No.150582608>>150582585Archived that >https://theatlantic com/technology/archive/2017/02/elon-musk-is-all-in-on-donald-trump/515562>>Anonymous
this image if you don’t have one2. go here 3. Copy
Russian companies to be ready for urgent transition to war-time operations>>Anonymous
(VERY) powerfull. it! :)peace and
Anonymous (ID: xwRvVn06) 11/23/17(Thu)04:08:26 No.150582998>>150582531>>Anonymous
believe me (hehe), its REAL. enjoy!>>ItchyTriggerFinger
with LdR and space from 2001>>Mello
Anonymous (ID: hdARE28p) 11/23/17(Thu)04:24:51 No.150584022zuckerberg cia connection?:>>Anonymous
and was the oldest person to join fb in its early days.>>Anonymous
No.150584202>>150584174Archived >https://forbes com/sites/ryanmac/2014/02/28/meet-jeff-rothschild-the-hidden-facebook-billionaire-old-enough-to-be-zuckerbergs-dad/#6ca0f80d55ed>>Anonymous
with this link.>>Anonymous
to “disobey authority”
according to this.:
No.150584852>>150584787Start here.>>Anonymous (ID: OmM5n+uN)
kp_juche.gif (2 KB, 432×216)2 KB GIFKT symbol in North Korea – Juche flag>>ItchyTriggerFinger
of corrupt deepstate patent offices stole it. (James P Chandler)
No.150585273 Anonymous (ID: CDnIh+Qy) 11/23/17(Thu)04:45:07 No.150585273>>Alien_One
or risk being silenced by Twitter.”>>Anonymous
called “KML” to show placemarks etc.KML = Keyhole Markup Language.>The
capability.>real-time transmission
– key advantage to these systems
devices within image>muh MS-13 on speed dial
or owls.>Can you locate one other
pic w/ Y head covered in gold?Madonna at superbowl>>Anonymous
No.150587358 got woman in the workforce?
ALL somehow a relation to satanic appearances at the superbowl halftime showact>>>>>Anonymous
No.150587635>>150584475Space X missile exploded in 2016, with ISRAELI spy satellite.
many pictures going into the Satanic worship aspects:>>Anonymous
COUNTRY? (NK)?da fuq>room 39 North korea
behind trying to sell me all those VIAGRA pills? fucking annoying ads!!!!!!!!!>>Anonymous
hmmm [1:04]>>Anonymous (ID: FcVmtirg)
so much for everything. I’m namin my kiddo after you.>>Anonymous
showed me nothing.[Return]
Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v’s
CNC >>149960813 Signature >>149958772Text of Q:>>KEK
Post (Declaration of war per Q)
calls ethics committee on himselfMS-13 Bust Grope posts creepybiden >>149606081U1
shooterNew JFK over Washington
questions 2016 electionsRedschild manor crash >>149830522
>>149925262U1 & Zimbab >>149835625Roseanne Shoahd >>149845910
officially questions 2016————–NOV 18————-U1
informant has video of bribe moneyU1 INFORMANT >>149983238
SuperPAC Dead Ben brother’s pedoring uncovered————–NOV
>>150006222Mugabe > refusal
@ Langley? & Zimbab 2 >>150072262White Rabbit >>150036893-=-=-=-=-=
hit the news on 11/4:
tweet including +++ on 11/6:>Rothschild
33 in DC on 11/8:
calls his dinner in China “plus plus” on 11/9:>Soros
>>149260564 >>149260587
>>149260611 >>149836491
No.150218576 Anonymous (ID: 3QnmrdFP) 11/20/17(Mon)13:49:53 No.150218576>>Anonymous
3QnmrdFP) 11/20/17(Mon)13:50:36 No.150218654>>Anonymous
No.150219192Stuck on crust of old breb, repost.
No.150219298>>Anonymous (ID: 4EbF8JBJ) 11/20/17(Mon)13:56:34
3QnmrdFP) 11/20/17(Mon)14:03:21 No.150219984>>Anonymous
No.150220095 Anonymous (ID: 3QnmrdFP) 11/20/17(Mon)14:04:25 No.150220095>>Anonymous
proof this bread is faulty and not showing old Q posts.Read here>>KEK
the spreading of “FollowTheWhiteRabbit” Hashtag>>Anonymous
on DPRK>>KEK Baker’s Union – Local No.
(ID: F4eO2cUm) 11/20/17(Mon)14:51:00 No.150224784Lookout Mountain Laboratory
11/20/17(Mon)14:51:45 No.150224868Red October reference?>>Anonymous
No.150225236>>150220335Anon. You are the fake news: _>George
activated yet maybe
anal retentive about Q himself. Sarah Sanders is now live and ON THE PODIUM.>>Anonymous
false alarm me thinks>>Anonymous (ID:
No.150236969>>150236733>>Anonymous (ID:
second mark of the following video: