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Yahoo! News: Education News UPDATE 7-Iran says it will confront any U.S. threat, Trump eyes new sanctions Georgia death row inmate becomes 1,500th person to be executed since US brought back death penalty Protestors ask Pete Buttigieg about black lives matter movement during heated confrontation NRA sues ex-president Oliver North, saying he harmed the NRA…

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Columbia, South Carolina approves ban on “bump shares”

Columbia, South Carolina approves ban on "bump shares" thumbnail

Last Updated Dec 20, 2017 2:58 PM EST COLUMBIA, S.C. – Citing the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas , South Carolina’s capital city approved a ban on “bump stock” devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to mimic fully automatic guns. The measure was approved by Columbia City Council on Tuesday night. Mayor Steve Benjamin has…

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50 reviews from 50 states that moved us in 2017

50 stories from 50 states that moved us in 2017 USA TODAY 42 mins ago Editors Click to expand Replay Video UP NEXT 5 Years Later: Sandy Hook Shooting Today marks five years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school. Twenty-six children and staff were killed, and the community continues to mourn. Nikki Battiste…

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Political, Elitist Pedophiles With Hyperlinks.

PEDOPHILE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON DC NEIL BUSH’S MASSIVE USA PEDOPHILE NETWORK Neil Mallon Bush 4 South West Oak Drive Unit 1 Houston, TX 77056-2063 Phone numbers: 713-552-0882 713-850-1288 The brother of George W. Bush, Neil is another evil Satanist running the biggest pedophile network in the USA currently. He MUST be stopped, he MUST be…

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Nov 1, 2017

2018 Buick Enclave AWD Our particular all-wheel-drive Avenir-spec test car also included a $650 Trailering package with a 5000-pound towing capacity (1500 pounds without), as well as Avenir-specific driver-adjustable dampers. The latter come as part of the Premium Suspension … New 592bhp BMW M5 morphs into MotoGP’s safety car And now that it’s all-wheel…

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In the news, Wednesday, October eleven, 2017

OCT 10 INDEX OCT 12 Information from some sites may not be reliable, or may not be vetted. Some sources may require subscription. from Asia Times Online ‘Fake news’ spy report inflames Pakistan’s political crisis PML(N) government is on the back foot following media revelations of a report linking lawmakers to proscribed militant outfits. With…

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