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December Links Portion II

* ‘Fake Jewish graves in Muslim cemeteries’: UNESCO slams Israeli occupation of Palestinian sites Is Trump’s Plan for Syria a Withdrawal or a Surrender? Do I have to point out that these very same neoliberal media mouthpieces bemoaning the withdrawal of illegal troops in a sovereign country are the very SAME neoliberal mouthpieces…

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Two Reviews from the Propaganda Battle

By Philip Giraldi October 28, 2018 ” Information Clearing House ” – Two recent stories about Russians have demonstrated how the news is selected and manipulated in the United States. The first is about Maria Butina, who apparently sought to overthrow American democracy, such as it is, by obtaining a life membership in the National…

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Yahoo! News: Terrorism

Yahoo! News: Terrorism Rudy Giuliani Reverses Trump Team's Position, Says President Can Obstruct Justice 'Not looking good': How Trump has responded to mass shootings Man shows up to site of Santa Fe High School shooting with American flag, Trump hat and gun Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Insane Wedding Cake Will Have 200 Lemons In…

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Karen McDougal tells CNN Trump tried to pay her after sex

Karen McDougal tells CNN Trump tried to pay her after sex CNN 6 hrs ago By Eli Watkins, CNN Click to expand Replay Video UP NEXT Mandalay Bay releases footage of Las Vegas gunman Surveillance video shows Stephen Paddock taking suitcases up to his hotel room in the days before the Las Vegas massacre; Adam…

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50 reviews from 50 states that moved us in 2017

50 stories from 50 states that moved us in 2017 USA TODAY 42 mins ago Editors Click to expand Replay Video UP NEXT 5 Years Later: Sandy Hook Shooting Today marks five years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school. Twenty-six children and staff were killed, and the community continues to mourn. Nikki Battiste…

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FOX NEWS FIRST: North Korea missile open puts U.S. mainland in crosshairs; Florida serial killer caught?

Having trouble viewing? View in Browser Wednesday, November 29, 2017 Welcome to Fox News First. Not signed up yet? Click here . Developing now, Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017: North Korea’s latest missile launch puts the entire U.S. mainland in its crosshairs, state television claims Michigan Democrat John Conyers faces new calls to resign after more…

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No.150825589Schizophrenic Takes Schizophrenia Test>>XXX we’re doing.”I ALWAYS “keep about 10% in the bag.” – it>>Anonymous ended up where we are..>>Anonymous (ID: 11/25/17(Sat)02:45:21 No.150825712How Schizophrenia Is Diagnosed>>Anonymous & Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology>>Anonymous the ‘r’ word. Also remember to listen to your favorite song:*hugs*-your No.150826069 Anonymous (ID: LhTNYC8c) 11/25/17(Sat)02:50:54 No.150826069>>150825777 Tale of the Podesta…

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[mpen-dayton] FW: Petition re: $2,231,400,000 for the 1% in Ohio; You helped…elephants!; US Coverage: Now to now not use nuclear weapons first; NYT This day’s Headlines and more

FYI. Best, Munsup P.S. Please reply back to me with ‘unsubscribe’ added to the subject line if you no longer want to receive my e-Newsletters. The convenient link to unsubscribe is no longer available due to security reasons to protect my email servers. FW: Sign the petition re: $2,231,400,000 for the 1% in Ohio FW:…

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2017 In Overview Fast Details – CNN

2017 In Overview Fast Details - CNN thumbnail

(CNN) Here is a look back at the events of 2017. Notable US Events: January 6 – A declassified report is released in which the US intelligence community concludes that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” aimed at hurting Hillary Clinton and helping Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. January 6 -…

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