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2 airlines inquire US no longer to avoid losing migrant formative years on flights

2 airlines ask US not to put migrant children on flights 2018-06-20T17:21:43Z 2018-06-20T22:08:13Z United and American Airlines asked the federal government not to use their companies to transport migrant children who were separated from their parents. (Source: Facebook) By DAVID KOENIGAP Airlines Writer DALLAS (AP) – American Airlines and United Airlines say they have asked…

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No.150825589Schizophrenic Takes Schizophrenia Test>>XXX we’re doing.”I ALWAYS “keep about 10% in the bag.” – it>>Anonymous ended up where we are..>>Anonymous (ID: 11/25/17(Sat)02:45:21 No.150825712How Schizophrenia Is Diagnosed>>Anonymous & Dissociative Disorders: Crash Course Psychology>>Anonymous the ‘r’ word. Also remember to listen to your favorite song:*hugs*-your No.150826069 Anonymous (ID: LhTNYC8c) 11/25/17(Sat)02:50:54 No.150826069>>150825777 Tale of the Podesta…

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[mpen-dayton] FW: Petition re: $2,231,400,000 for the 1% in Ohio; You helped…elephants!; US Coverage: Now to now not use nuclear weapons first; NYT This day’s Headlines and more

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